Bettawan : Catechu Bark
Catechu Bark another alternative to Indian Almond Bark

Catechu Bark

Like Indian Almond bark, Catechu bark is high in natural tannins which accounts for its astringent effect and has been proved to harden the scales of bettas. Acacia Catechu is also known as cachou, cutch, cashoo, Terra Japonica, khoyer or Japan earth). Catechu is used in Thailand and around the world by betta breeders/keepers that fight their fish.

Leaves and bark that fall into the water release many different compounds, from dyes to trace minerals, and animals living in the water adapt to having all those different compounds readily available. If your fish comes from the type of environment described above, Catechu Bark is one way of simulating the water condition which is the natural environment for most tropical fish.

After we have gathered the Acacia Catechu Bark it is stored in our dry room. The Catechu Bark is then gently washed, we then sun dry the Catechu bark, the Catechu bark is then boxed and stored. When we get a order we then un-box the Acacia Catechu bark and clean it once again, using a soft brush, making sure there are no signs of dust, small insects/eggs, seeds, soil, mould or moisture. We then bag the Catechu bark into clear plastic bags and box them ready for shipping. We use sturdy boxes provided by the thai post office...these boxes cannot be sealed. They have a lip that slots into a flap on the side of the box. String is then tied around the box to stop the box from opening in transit. We state on the box and the package the contents. (eg. Aquatic Goods : 100 gram Catechu Bark " Acacia Catechu"). Customs seem to be happy with this way of posting as all customs have to do is untie the string and check the contents. If ok they retie the string and send the parcel to customer. 

Price includes shipping via airmail from Thailand to the address of your choice. Upon confirmation of payment through PayPal, the Catechu Bark will be dispatched via airmail usually taking 10 - 14 working days. We will also send via email attachment, 2 pictures of the bark boxed and unboxed and a copy of the post office receipt to confirm postage.

We are members of several tropical fish forums and have supplied the bark to customers in U.S.A., Canada, Europe, South Korea and Japan.

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