Bettawan : Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract Mix
Indian Almond leaf blackwater extract is one way of simulating black water condition which is the natural environment for most tropical fish.

Indian Almond leaf Blackwater Extract Mix

Commercial blackwater extracts can work out to be very expensive, but not if you brew your own. Bettawan's Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract  Mix is made up of what we call low grade leaves, these leaves have either been damaged durning the cleaning process or have more holes and tears than our Premium Indian Almond Leaves. The leaves are cleaned and then they are ground and bagged into plastic bags ready for shipping.

Our Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract Mix is ideal for bettas, discus, gouramis, killiefish, tetras, arowana’s, angelfish, South American dwarf cichlids, corys, plecos, some rasboras some cat-fishes and crustaceans.  

Prices includes shipping via airmail from Thailand to the address of your choice. Upon confirmation of payment through PayPal, the Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract Mix will be dispatched via airmail usually taking 10 - 14 working days. 

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