Betta Scoops : as used by the Thai Betta/Guppy breeders.
Thai Coated Fabric With Wooden Handle Betta Scoop - 14"

Thai Coated Fabric Betta Scoops With Wodden Handle - 14


These genuine Thai scoops are perfect for transferring Bettas, solid sides so the fish does not get stressed by seeing out side of the scoop, no water leaking to further stress the fish, no damage to the fish scales by snagging on net mesh. In fact a perfect tool for the job as used by the Thai Betta/Guppy breeders.

Price includes shipping via airmail from Thailand to the address of your choice. Upon confirmation of payment through PayPal, the scoop/s will be dispatched via airmail usually taking 10 - 14 working days. We will also send via email attachment, 2 pictures of the scoops boxed and unboxed and a copy of the post office receipt to confirm postage.

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