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My name is Wan and I am from Thailand, my daughters name is Min and my husbands name is Jeff who is orginally from the UK

Village Temple And Indian Almond Leaves

We live in a little rice/sugar cane village in the middle of Thailand. We are surrounded by rice and sugarcane fields, mountains, and jungle. Either side of our home that we rent off a relative who is currently living in Switzerland, we have a lake. On oneside we have the village lake which provides our village with all our water needs, except drinking water. On the otherside we have our breeding lake, which is full of fresh water Thai species. We have wild gouramis different colours, big paca 2 - 3 kilo +, different species of catfish, big roach, tilapia, snakeheads, couple of aligator gar and many more species...all are breeding well and we have many fry.

Around our village, grow several Indian Almond Trees, that have been established there for many years. My father has always used Indian Almond Leaves and Banana Leaves for conditioning and care of his Bettas, ever since he was introduced to them by a couple of his Thai Betta Breeder friends, from the village where we live.

We only select the best reddish-brown leaves for export, we never use hand-picked leaves, only leaves that have naturally fallen and are high in Tannin. We only supply premium leaves, our Indian Almond Leaves and Banana Leaves are 100% totally organic, no chemicals whatsoever are used on the trees.

We aim to supply a fast friendly service with quality product's in a professional manner.

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