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Catechu Bark T -Bags : Sealed With String 5"x4"
Ideal for large fishtanks. Dosage : 1 - 2 bags per 25 gallon (100 litres) of water. Discard the bag after 1 week and replace with a new bag.

 Catechu Bark

The bark inside our Catechu Bark T-Bags is grounded and then packed into the tea bags. We offer 2 sizes of Catechu T-Bags : Self Sealed 2.4" x 3.3" which weigh roughly 1 gram, the bigger size is sealed with a drawstring 5" x 4" and weighs roughly 3 grams. The Catechu T-Bags can be placed directly into the tank or put into the filtration system.

Alternatively you can put the bags into a cup and add boiling water, leave to cool. The water in the cup will have the appearance of strong tea by the time the water cools and can be added to your aquarium. This will leave a strong brown dye that will tan the water slightly (to a clear amber) and provide a very natural stream-bottom look to your aquarium.

We use sturdy boxes provided by the thai post office to ship the Catechu Bark...these boxes cannot be sealed. They have a lip that slots into a flap on the side of the box. String is then tied around the box to stop the box from opening in transit. We state on the box and the package the contents. (eg. Aquatic Goods : 100 Catechu Bark T-bags (" Acacia Catechu"). Customs seem to be happy with this way of posting as all customs have to do is untie the string and check the contents. If ok they retie the string and send the parcel to customer. 

Price includes shipping via airmail from Thailand to the address of your choice. Upon confirmation of payment through PayPal, the Catechu Bark T-Bags will be dispatched via airmail usually taking 10 - 14 working days. 

We are members of several tropical fish forums and have supplied the Catechu Bark T-bags to customers in U.S.A., Canada, Europe, South Korea and Japan.

If you need any more information please call +66 (0)56 204172 or email :wan@bettawan.com