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All prices on our website are in US $. All payments are to be made in US $. We only accept payments through paypal.

Once payment has cleared into our Thai Bank Account which usually takes 7 - 10 days, orders will be shipped.

We will try our best to ship customers orders on time but sometimes customers will face delays this is usually due to problems with the weather, which we have no control over. If a customers order is delayed we will add extra to the product ordered by the customer as a small gesture for the delay.


After we have gathered the Indian Almond leaves they are stored in our dry room. The IAL are then gently washed, we then sun dry/ press the Indian Almond leaves, the Indian Almond leaves are then boxed and stored. When we get a order we then un-box the Indian Almond leaves and clean them once again, using a soft brush, making sure there are no signs of dust, small insects/eggs, seeds, soil, mould, fungus or moisture. We then bag the Indian Almond leaves in clear plastic bags and box them ready for shipping.


We use sturdy boxes provided by the thai post office...these boxes cannot be sealed. They have a lip that slots into a flap on the side of the box. String is then tied around the box to stop the box from opening in transit. We state on the box and the package the contents. (eg. Aquatic Goods : 100 Dried Indian Almond Leaves " Terminalia Catappa"). Customs seem to be happy with this way of posting as all customs have to do is untie the string and check the contents. If ok they retie the string and send the parcel to customer.


All prices on our website include worldwide free shipping by airmail. For all parcels upto 2 kilo we use the International Small Packet Airmail Service provided by the Thai Postal Service. Unfortunatley for this service the Thai Postal Service does not provide a tracking system.

For parcels over 2 kilo we use the International Parcel Airmail Service provided by the Thai Postal Service. This service provides a tracking number system.

Once orders are shipped we will email customers advising them that their orders have been shipped. For orders over 2 kilo we will also provide a weblink to the Thai Postal Services tracking system along with the tracking number so customers can keep a track on their parcels.

Once parcel is shipped it usually takes 10 - 14 working days if not sooner to arrive.

We would usually send 2 pictures of the products ordered boxed and unboxed and a copy of the post office receipt to confirm postage but due to recent floods we lost our camera due to water damage and have yet to replace it. Once camera is replaced this service will resume.


We do not accept returns. 


If a customer contacts us before shipping and wants to cancel their order for whatever reason then we will issue a full refund.

If a customers parcel has been shipped and stopped by customs or has been returned to us for whatever reason a refund will be issued minus the shipping charge.

If the custom's service offer to treat the parcel then we will pay half of the treatment costs.

Orders that go missing for whatever reason and no proof can be shown will not be refunded.

We aim to supply a fast friendly service with quality product's in a professional manner. We accept payment via PayPal...all prices are in US $ and all prices include free shipping via airmail.

Thank you for visiting our BettaWan website.

Wan & Jeff

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