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Indian Almond tree And Banana Tree

We hope that you found what you where looking for here at www.bettawan.com and hopefully will see you again sometime in the near future.

If you purchased any of our goods and you are happy with our service, we thankyou for your custom and we would really appreciate it, if you would spend a minute filling out our feedback form.

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Indian Almond Leaves


Your leaves helped me finish #4 on the ISA's top 10 Betta Breeders list last season (2008-2009) and I've already got 3 spawns of young winner coming along this season. I'm in the #2 spot so far this year. Always proud to support quality products and quality service. ( J.R. (Bob) Baker aka Phish Phreek....
http://tcbettas.com )

 Jeff's (block-2) IAL leaves have made it to Australia!!!!
And I must say that I am completly happy with my purchase the communication from Jeff & Wan was A+ , the leaves are of excellent quality due to the excellent packaging provided and it looks like customs only opened the box the leaves were in and not the plastic packaging the leaves were enclosed in. I have no hesitation in recommending their product to all AAQ members.

 Received my leaves. Perfect condition and not a problem with customs or quarrantine. Loved getting the photos prior to shipment, very professional touch. Leaves arrived aprox 1wk after payment, so very happy with this as well. Would highly recommend this seller.

I too recieved my leaves in perfect condition & they passed through quarantine without a problem. I am extremly happy with
them! Thanks Jeff & Wan! & to all of the LFS's I went into who said A. They had never heard of it & B. I would NEVER get them
through quarantine - "nah nah na nah nah!" lol

Jeff and Wan did a fantastic job. Timely, courteous and professional. My order was acknowledged and processed very promptly,
and I was sent photos of the bagged leaves, the shipping box and even the post office receipt!

Just like to add that my IAL came today, no problems getting to cairns, so thanks Jeff and Wan!

My IAL also arrived today. Excellent service, packaging, and communication. Will definitely buy again! Thanks Jeff and Wan!

I got my leaves yesterday. No problems getting them and they look great! Thanks so much!

I got mine very quickly (sent the 3rd - had them by the 9th)

Sent on the 7th and received on the 21st. The box was a bit battered thanks to the post but no evidence of being opened by
customs for inspection. Leaves in perfect condition.

Received leaves from Jeff & Wan only 5 days after posting. They are packaged very well and I would most definitely buy again.
An A+ for professionalism and care during this transaction.

Woohoo for me!!! My leaves arrived yesterday (6 days after posting) and they made it through national quarantine AND Tas
quarantine without even being opened O.o LOL

My leaves just came! They are beautifully packaged, and mine hadn't been opened either.

My order arrived less than a week after being posted. Opened by customs but passed ok with an enclosed leaflet advising
nothing had been removed. Great service & good value!

I recieved my IAL today they were sent on the 23rd and i live on the North Coast of N.S.W,i am very happy with them. they
had been opened and inspected by quarentine but passed without a problem. I highly recomend Jeff and Wan there services are

I received my IAL today, not even opened by customs... i guess they are getting used to seeing these parcels LOL Many thanks
for such fast friendly service