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Bettawan : Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves
The secret for Health, Vitality, and Successful Breeding!

 Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa )

Terminalia catappa (also known as Ketapang...Tropical Almond...SeaAlmond...Seemandelbaumblatter...IAL...Indian Almond) leaves, are becoming very popular amongst fish keepers/breeders, not just in South-East Asia but around the world, as a natural medicine and water conditioner for aquarium use.

Aquarists also use Indian Almond Leaves to mimic the natural conditions of their fish in their aquaria. Simply adding Indian Almond Leaves ( IAL ) to your aqurium will release compounds by the leaves which alter the chemistry of the water, making the aquarium more similar to the habitat from which the fish hails. 

We offer 2 grades of Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa ) at Bettawan.com. We have premium and low grade Indian Almond Leaves for sale.

Our Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves have larger holes and tears than our Premium Indian Almond Leaves. Nonetheless they are still good quality leaves. They are not good enough for resale but suitable for buyer who dosn't care about the shape or form but cares about the quality and wants to make his tank as natural looking as possible.

These leaves are ideal for betta, discus, gouramis, killiefish, tetras, arrowana’s, angelfish, South American dwarf cichlids, corys, plecos, some rasboras some cat-fishes and crustaceans, shrimps just love to chew on them. They can also be placed in a vivarium to give your frogs, snails, spiders and snakes a more natural look.

100g Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa 200g Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa )  300g Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa )
 100g Low Grade IAL $16.00 200g Low Grade IAL $22.25 300g Low Grade IAL $31.25
400g Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa ) 500g Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa 1 Kilo Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa )
400g Low Grade IAL $38.00  500g Low Grade IAL $49.75 1 Kilo Low Grade IAL $92.00

Our Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves are also Ideal for making your own Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract. Making your own Blackwater Extract is pretty much straightforward :

  • 1st you need a bag of Bettawan Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves.
  • Next you need a pot big enough to hold at least 1 gallon of water, but the bigger the pot the more extract you will produce.
  • Put roughly 50 of our low grade Indian Almond leaves for each gallon of water inside the pot. 
  • Fill the pot with clean water.
  • Let the leaves soak in the water for 24 hours. It's best to put some type of weight on top of the leaves to stop them floating.
  • The following day boil the pot of leaves for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Put to oneside and let it cool and stew for another 24 hours.
  • The next day boil the pot again for 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Once the water as cooled you will notice that the water is black with a very strong fragrance.
  • Filter the indian almond leaf blackwater extract through a coffee paper filter or an old pair of tights. This is to stop any undesirable matter getting into the blackwater extract.
  • The indian Almond Leaf blackwater extract can now be pored in to plastic or glass bottles, sealed and stored in fridge or somewhere dark and cool.  

  Recommended  Dosage : 1 ounce for 1 gallon of water.

 If you need any more information or have any questions please feel free to contact us by either calling + 66 (0)56 204172 or email : wan@bettawan.com


Testimony :

Your leaves helped me finish #4 on the ISA's top 10 Betta Breeders list last season (2008-2009) and I've already got 3 spawns of young winner coming along this season. I'm in the #2 spot so far this year. Always proud to support quality products and quality service. ( J.R. (Bob) Baker aka Phish Phreek....


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