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Ordering Bettawan Indian Almond Leaves
in Australia

Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Australian customers a Happy New Year. The last couple of years since the Covid outbreak has been a hindrance to us all in more ways than one so let's hope the year 2024 offers us all better opportunities.


Unfortunately, during this period, due to a crackdown by Australia's Dept Agriculture, Environment & Water (BICON), Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia Catappa) cannot be sent to customers in Australia without a suppliers import permit.


We did obtain one and welcomed a good friend of ours to act as our import permit holder in Australia but due to her work/family commitments and along with having no experience in the aquatic world it all proved too much for her and after discussions our situations we decided to part company on good terms.

This left us in limbo so after discussion this matter with a couple of our long-term Australian customers, we are glad to announce, that for 2024 we have formed a partnership with Trevor Lu at 7Fishs. Trevor has been successful in obtaining an Import Permit and he is now our official representative and supplier of retail and wholesale Bettawan Indian Almond Leaves in Australia.








In future if any of our customers in Australia would like to make a retail order or wholesale order or have any queries regarding ordering Bettawan Indian Almond Leaves please email Trevor at logo 


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