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Wholesale orders to Australia

Unfortunatly, due to a crackdown by Australia's Dept of Agriculture, Environment & Water ( BICON ), Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa ) cannot be sent to Australia from Thailand without a suppliers import permit ( which we have obtained ) and undergoing on - shore gamma radiation treatment.

Therefore, we must pass on the costs of gamma radiation treatment to all our Australian Wholesale customers. This is a charge of AUD $80 per package ( $56 US ), that we are charged for by customs once the Indian Almond leaves enter Australia.

PLEASE NOTE : To cover this cost we will add for free either 250 big premium Indian Almond leaves, 400 small premium Indian Almond leaves or 500g low grade Indian Almond leaves which ever the customer prefares.

Gamma Radiation Treatment does not affect the quality of the leaves in anyway. We are just ensuring that our products pose no risk to the Australian environment.

For any wholesale queries please email us at

Retail orders to Australia

Small retail orders of 10 to 200 big or small Indian Almond leaves, or upto 300g of low - grade Indian Almond leaves are now able to be purchased directly from Bettawan Australia. Please follow the link below.

Retail customers in Australia do not incur the $80 gamma radition treatment charge.

For any Australian retail enquries, please email Hazel at

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