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used in aquaria for ornaments and providing hiding/nesting places for fish.

Thai Bogwood 13

Ideal For Aquariums and Vivariums

Bettawan Thai Bogwood 13 (top view)
Bettawan Thai Bogwood 13 (front to back view)
Bettawan Thai Bogwood 13 (bottom over head view)
Bettawan Thai Bogwood 13 (back to front view)

Length : 19"

Height : 4"

Width : 9"

Weight : 403g

Price : $38.25

Price includes shipping by Registered Airmail with Tracking Number

Thai bogwood is very rarely offered in aquarium shops as it is very expensive. Large pieces with interesting shapes are quite collectible and are added to aquariums to give them character, providing hiding/nesting places for your fish and a growing surface for plants such as Java fern. Additionally, the leaching of organic compounds such as tannins into the aquarium water causes a brown coloration.


The Benefits of Bogwood:

  1. Provides live food in the form of infusoria for fry, small fish and invertebrates.

  2. Provides essential trace minerals for all life in the tank (including plants).

  3. Provides essential fiber in their diet for catfish like Bristlenose or Otocinclus fish.

  4. Adding bogwood significantly reduces fungus and bacterial disease in your aquatic animals. (See also Indian Almond Leaves).

  5. Provides hiding places for your animals, so they feel less stressed, and therefore will be healthier.

  6. It looks nice. 

The wood will leach out tannins which slowly turn the water brown (this reduces with age). This is harmless and indeed often thought of as beneficial to the animals as it is a mild antibacterial, fungicide agent and the wood provides trace minerals 
and nutrients for all your animals and plants. These tannins will alter the pH of the water making it more acidic and will soften the water in a similar way that peat does. As well as for fish in aquariums, Thai Bog Wood can be added to vivariums as ornaments and to provide a habitat for your invertebrate and reptiles. 

All our Bog Wood has been wire brushed and any dirt and dust brushed off in water, the wood is then stored. We suggest that you do not simply dunk the wood into your tank. Take the wood and rinse it under normal tap water and leave it in a bucket of tap water for several days/weeks to soak and saturate. 
Boiling wood in water for 6-12 hours is a quick alternative to letting it sit soaking in water for weeks. But this idestroys any beneficial fungus or bacteria there may have been on it and a lot of the tannis inside.
When adding fresh wood to the tank often a light white coating appears on the wood for a couple of months. This is a harmless fungus and should disappear. Algae eating fish often eat it. Adding activated carbon to your filter will remove tannins, and regular water changes will help keep them to comfortable level.

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