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Bettawan Dulce Bark (Pithecellobium Dulce)
Dulce Bark is a rich source of tannins and other phenolic compounds.


Dulce Bark ( Pithecellobium Dulce )


Dulce Bark ( Pithecellobium Dulce ) is a rich source of tannins and other phenolic compounds beneficial for both fishes and shrimps.


The Dulce Bark tannins inhibit the growth of various fungi, yeast, bacteria and viruses. Dulce Bark is used worldwide by Betta owners that like to fight their fish.


Betta’s brought up in Dulce water are known to send their opponents into shock if they bite a Betta not brought up in the Dulce water. The opponent stops moving in a state of shock allowing their fish to attack with ease.

Making your own Dulce Bark blackwater extract is easy:

* Put 1 bag of Dulce Bark into 5 Litres of clean water.
* Soak the bark for a day with the bark weighed down.
* Boil the bark for 20min on Day 2 and leave to cool down.
* Boil the bark again for 15min on Day 3. You will obtain brownish water with a strong fragrance.
* Filter any fine particles and you get your dulce extract.

Recommended Dosage: 5ml / 10L

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