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Bettawan Palm Leaf Betta Scoops 
Has used by Thai Betta / Guppy Breeders

Palm Leaf Betta scoop. Palm handle.

Palm Leaf Betta Scoop

1 = $17         4 = $40

2 = $23         5 = $48

3 = $35       10 = $75

All prices include Tracking Number and Registered Airmail Shipping.

In the far east they use different types of 'nets' which are known as Betta Scoops. We offer 2 types of Betta Scoops as well as an everyday Fine Mess Scoop.


The Thai Palm Leaf and the Thai Coated Fabric Scoops are different from nets as they retain water and easily transfered to one area to another without any dangers of harming or damaging the fish.



These genuine Thai Palm Leaf scoops are perfect for transferring Bettas, their solid sides mean the fish does not get stressed by seeing outside of the scoop, no water leaking to further stress the fish, no damage to the fish scales by snagging on net mesh.


In fact a perfect tool for the job as used the Thai Betta/Guppy breeders.

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