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Bettawan : Sun Dried Thai Banana Leaf
Successfully used in Asia for many years by tropical fish breeders, in the same way as Indian Almond Leaves (Terminilia Cattapa)

Banana Leaf ( Musa Balbisiana ) Sun Dried

Sun Dried Thai Banana Leaf ( Musa Balbisiana )

  50g = $14                 400g = $42.50

100g = $19                 500g = $53.75

200g = $26.25           1 Kilo = $96

300g = $35.25

All prices include Tracking number and Registered Airmail shipping.

The leaves of the Thai banana tree (Musa Balbisiana) have long been used in the same way as indian almond leaves (Terminalia Catappa) to prevent and treat diseases such as :

bite injuries
fungal diseases
head and lateral line erosion in cichlids
fin rot
damage to mucous membranes

The coloration of fish is greatly improved and thay have very positive effects on the fishes' readiness to spawn (especially in Betta Splendens).

Bettawan banana leaves are harvested and treated just as carefully as our Indian Almond Leaves and are free of pesticides and harmful bacteria. 

Bettawan Dried Banana Leaf comes in 9" strips.

For general prevention of disease, to improve the color and to promote well-being, add 1-2 strips of leaf per fish to the water. For intensive treatment of disease or to promote readiness for spawning, add one strip of leaf per 3 - 5 l to the water.

The leaves will absorb water for 2 - 3 days (you can speed this process up by pushing the leaves under the water), they will slowly transmit their active constituents to the aquarium water over a period of 7 - 14 days. The leaves can then be taking out and replaced with new leaves.

Our Dried Thai Banana Leaf are ideal for bettas, discus, gouramis, killiefish, tetras, arowana’s, angelfish, South American dwarf cichlids, corys, plecos, some rasboras some cat-fishes and crustaceans. They are also ideal as litter in vivariums.

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