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Guess The Fish competition picture

WELCOME everybody, be you an old or new customer to our GUESS THE FISH, free to enter competition to win a free prize.

Due to us recently setting up a Facebook page we have decided, for a bit of fun, to run a free competition on that page. The rules are simple and the winner will get a Bettawan product from their website for free.

We are hoping it will become a popular feature on both this site and our Facebook page Bettawan Dried Indian Almond Leaves. If the game does become popular we will be regulary adding more games and the free prizes will increase too. So come on people, give it a go, you won't win if you dont give it a spin and don't forget to hit the like.

Rules are real simple :

photo of example of how to play Guess The Fish game

Every game, there will be a photo of a fish,  covered by 25 small squares and each day a square will be removed from the photo, leaving more of the photo exposed and it is up to you to have a guess of what the fish is in the comments section. Guess's are limited to 1 guess a day by each visitor. Once the fish is recognised, the visitor who leaves the first comment with the fishs name, wins the free prize.

The prize for the winner of this 1st game will be 30 small, 3" - 6"+, dried Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia Catappa), with free shipping. Courtesy of

To go to GAME 1 of GUESS THE FISH either click on the Facebook icon on top of this page or click on link below.

Bettawan logo with link to Facebook page.
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