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Indian Almond Leaf ( Terminalia Catappa )

Blackwater Extract Mix



Blackwater' is the term used to describe the kind of water found in the natural habitat of some acidic water fishes such as bettas, gouramies, killifish and arowanas. In the wild, if your fish comes from a habitat where leaves and other plant debris regularly falls into the water and decompose, your fish will be happier in that environment so trying to mimic it in your aquariums is strongly recommended. 


Leaves that fall into the water release many different compounds, from dyes to trace minerals, and animals living in the water adapt to having all those different compounds readily available. If your fish comes from the type of environment described above, Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract is one way of simulating black water condition which is the natural environment for most tropical fish.



Bettawan's Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract Mix is made up of what we call Indian Almond Low Grade Leaves, these leaves have either more holes, rips and tears than our Premium Indian Almond Leaves or have been damaged during the cleaning process. The Low Grade leaves are cleaned and then they are sun dried and ground and bagged into plastic bags ready for shipping.




1st you need a bag of Bettawan Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract Mix or Bettawan Low Grade Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia Catappa).

Next you need a pot big enough to hold at least 1 gallon of water, but the bigger the pot the more extract you will produce. Put 100g of Bettawan Indian Almond Leaf blackwater extract mix or roughly 50 of our low grade Indian Almond Leaves for each gallon of water inside the pot. We have found with the Indian Almond Leaf blackwater extract mix, that it is best to use an old pair of tights or a thin sock. Just simply empty the Indian Almond Leaf blackwater extract mix into the tights or sock and place in water.

Fill the pot with clean water. Let the leaves or blackwater mix soak in the water for 24 hours. It's best to put some type of weight on top of the mix or leaves to stop them floating.

The following day boil the pot of leaves or blackwater mix for 15-20 minutes. Put to one side and let it cool and stew for another 24 hours. The next day boil the pot again for 10-15 minutes. Once the water as cooled you will notice that the water is black with a very strong fragrance.


Filter the Indian Almond Leaf blackwater extract through a coffee paper filter or again an old pair of tights. This is to stop any undesirable matter getting into the blackwater extract. The Indian Almond Leaf Blackwater Extract can now be poured into plastic or glass bottles, sealed and stored in fridge or somewhere dark and cool.


1 Ounce for 1 gallon of water.

Indian Almond Blackwater Extract Mix

  • 100% Dry, Clean and Insecticide Free

    100g = $26.50        

    250g = $38.25

    500g = $55.00    

    1Kilo = $95.25

    ​All prices include Tracking Number and Registered Airmail Shipping.

    • Mix is bagged in clear plastic bags and boxed in sturdy boxes supplied by the Thai post office.
    • We will ship the item to the shipping address you provide. Please make sure your shipping address and zip code is correct and up to date.
    • We offer FREE International shipping with all our products.
    • The package will be shipped directly from Thailand. We use the International small packet and International parcel airmail services supplied by the Thai post office. Both services offer tracking numbers. Parcels usually take 12 - 14 working days to arrive once shipped.

    • Orders will normally ship within 5 days after payment has been cleared.

    • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

    • Please check with your countries customs to determine what these additional costs will be before buying.


    We do not accept returns.

    If a customer contacts us before shipping and wants to cancel their order for whatever reason then we will issue a full refund.

    If a customers parcel has been shipped and stopped by customs or has been returned to us for whatever reason a refund will be issued minus the shipping charge or the contents will be re-prepared and reshipped to the customer but the customer has to pay the re-shipping charge.

    Orders that go missing for whatever reason and no proof can be shown will not be refunded.

    ​We aim to supply a fast friendly service with quality product's in a professional manner. 

    Thank you for visiting my Bettawan website. ​

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