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TEAK Leaves (Tectona Grandis) are native to southeast Asia, mainly Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Burma and thus their leaves are widely used by South Asian Tropical Fish breeders and keepers. The coloration of fish is greatly improved and they have very positive effects on strengthen the fishes' scales. They maintain the water PH level and serve as a natural antibiotic. They also dry up the fat on most fish, resulting in more muscle making your fish more athletic and agile.


The leaves of the Teak tree (Tectona Grandis ) have long been used in the same way as Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia Catappa), remedies include:

bite injuries
fungal diseases
hardening of scales
fin rot
color enhancement
burns off fat


Unlike the Indian Almond leaves, Teak leaves do not color your Aquarium water the same way, the color is much lighter, so they are ideal for Aquarists who want the benefits of Indian Almond Leaves without the tea stain color.


Aquarists also use Teak leaves to mimic the natural conditions of their fish in their aquaria. Simply adding Teak Leaves to your aquarium will release compounds by the leaves which alter the chemistry of the water, making the aquarium more similar to habitat from which the fish hails. Due to their size they are ideal as leaf litter in vivarium's.

Gathering :

The Teak trees we gather the fallen Teak leaves from usually fall in December/January. As the time approaches and the Teak trees leaves start to go brown, we go out and clean all the previous years over growth from around the trees we gather from. We go through each leaf individually and all good premium Teak Leaves are bagged and any not so good are piled onto the piles of the previous years overgrowth that we have made. The bagged good Teak leaves are taking back to the dry shed and emptied into raised bays to dry out 100 % naturually.
The Teak Leaves are prepared exactly like our Indian Almond Leaves and are gently showered and left for an hour. This gets rid of any curls and folds in the leaves that may of occured while they were drying out in the bays in the dry shed and makes the leaves fresh and workable.
The Teak Leaves are then dried with a damp clothes and piled into packs of 10 of similar sizes and then put into specially made presses. The presses are usually left outside durning the day for the leaves to sundry/press. Once dry, the leaves are boxed and stored.
For orders, the leaves are brushed to get rid of of any dust, dirt, seeds or small insects/eggs that may of got on them durning the pressing stage and while stored. Any damaged leaves are put to one side and stored for blackwater mix. Any leaves with 1 or 2 fungus spots, the fungus is cut out. Any leaves with lots of fungus are destroyed on fire.


Due to their size Bettawan's Teak Leaves are sold in weight rather than set amounts of leaves. This is purely for shipping purposes to so that we can keep the cost of the leaves at a very reasonable price. 

We don't just gather, bag and ship, we spend a lot of time making sure we supply a quality product for our customers. We only select the best  brown leaves, we never offer hand picked Teak Leaves, only leaves that have natually fallen and are high in Tannin.

We only supply Premium leaves, all our leaves are 100% totally organic, dry and clean, no chemicals whatsoever are used on the trees we gather the leaves from.

Teak Leaves (Tectona Grandis)

  • Freshly Fallen And Sun-dried Pressed.

    100% Dry, Clean And Insecticide Free


      50g = $18.75                 

    100g = $26.25          

    200g = $33.50

    300g = $42.00

    400g = $51.75

    500g = $64.00

    1 Kilo = $119.25

    All prices include Tracking Number and Registered Airmail shipping

    • Leaves are bagged in clear plastic bags and boxed in sturdy boxes supplied by the Thai post office.
    • We will ship the item to the shipping address you provide. Please make sure your shipping address and zip code is correct and up to date.
    • We offer FREE International shipping with all our products.
    • The package will be shipped directly from Thailand. We use the International small packet and International parcel airmail services supplied by the Thai post office. Both services offer tracking numbers. Parcels usually take 12 - 14 working days to arrive once shipped.
    • Orders will normally ship within 5 days after payment has been cleared.
    • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    • Please check with your countries customs to determine what these additional costs will be before buying.



    We do not accept returns.

    If a customer contacts us before shipping and wants to cancel their order for whatever reason then we will issue a full refund.

    If a customers parcel has been shipped and stopped by customs or has been returned to us for whatever reason a refund will be issued minus the shipping charge or the contents will be re-prepared and reshipped to the customer but the customer has to pay the re-shipping charge.

    Orders that go missing for whatever reason and no proof can be shown will not be refunded.

    ​We aim to supply a fast friendly service with quality product's in a professional manner. 

    Thank you for visiting my Bettawan website. ​

    Best Wishes


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